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   X-System Computers have been in business since 1990. We specialized in computer repair and computer networking. Our goal is to supply you with high quality computer components, and years of expertise. We know that you have a choice in choosing computers company. Therefore, we thank you for choosing X-System as your computer solutions.

  Computer Repair (IN-STORE):       Labor fee will be base on the job cost of the repair. We do not charge by the hour or have hourly rate.  Hourly rates does not have a set dollar amount and cost.  Therefore, it would be unfair to our customers. Computer Repair (ON-LOCATION):     Our customers have a choice for on-site computer repairs and services by job cost  or by hourly rate.  For training and software help, services are charge by hourly rate.  For computer repair, services are charge by a fix cost. Please contact us for more information...   

AVG                   Identity Theft Protection, Safe Internet Surfing and Searching, Chat Protection, Antivirus, Antispyware, Anti-Spam, Anti-Rootkit, and Firewall - all in one convenient package.  AVG Internet Security gives you multiple layers of protection so you can search and surf the Internet, shop and bank online, watch video, download music, documents and pictures, email and chat online - with confidence that your online world is safe from the bad guys. No other security software product gives you this level of continuous real-time protection and when threats are on the move all the time, if its not continuous protection, it's not protection at all.    


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