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Computer Network Solutions

Our Network Teams are certified in different level of Microsoft and Netware
products. We are a Microsoft Partner in network solutions.

Our computer network knowledge started back in the early 1980. We have
implemented all type of computer network starting from earlier version of
Lantastic, Novell 2.0, Intel-net, Windows 3.1, and bus topology networking.

Today we have implemented the most advance network in corporate business.
Network environment consisting fiber optic back bone, 1 and 2 Gigabit network
connection, advance smart switches, high encryption router, high level security
remote wide area network corporate network connection, and etc…

Display here are Logo representing their individual Company. These are just
some companies that we have taken part in their network computers
implementation. For more information about our network solution services,
please contact us at 713-688-5893 and talk to one of our network specialist..



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